The poem is called Regenschön and was written by David Matos. It commemorates the day of our first gathering on the cemetery, far away from any office or typical meeting place. David’s first words sound like „Oh, what a typographic paradise!“ Later the squirrel came for a visit. Heavy rain fell on our two-person conversation. We begin to laugh under the magic tree, which is our protector. As the rain gets heavier, we start running. Towards the chapel. Completely bathed but very very happy.

As with
so many
most things
in the rain

Ferdinand showed up
for the meeting
and clearly meant business
and showed no interest
for peanuts

Notes out of tune
quickly became precise
and indicated the way
to what distinctly was
the right place
for the meeting

The meeting was
after all
a gathering
to be held outside
among familiar shapes
and letterforms
under a small tree
where it also rains
if it rains

The talk
was certainly
the kind of
reserved for those
who sit with Hades

And so
the rain
the rain
the rain
the rain
eventually took us
to the chapel
where we could
dry off
and not speak
of work
a little longer


© Buckminster NEUE ZEIT, David Matos
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