Sound of the Moon

Planetary Cymatic Resonance produces unique audio-visual experiences from natural frequencies found in our universe. Even though Buckminster does not represent the artists, we would like to draw your attention to this rare and special art of sonification.

The duo Preece and Günther promotes mindfulness and inner awareness by bridging the gap between scientific and ancient wisdom. Their feeling for acoustic and synthesized sounds elevates the sonification of planetary motion to a level of audible art. To make sure the subtle motion of our surrounding physicality is transposed in the most authentic way, all time related parameters are tuned to astronomical data.

Audiodesign Concept

„The data for creating the tunings from planetary movement was calculated by Hans Cousto and Norbert Böhm and serves as the guideline for every sound in the composition. Tempo, pitch and decay and reverb times are always coherent with the respective astronomical values. To create cymatics, we use waterproof speakers. Alternatively, petri dishes can be attached to a speaker membrane or, with the aid of exciters, you could use a variety of containers. Fill the speaker or container with water and an audio signal will cause the water to start to oscillate and vibrate. The signal will usually need to be amplified with a bass or guitar amp. A camera with a ring light mounted on a tripod captures the resulting cymatics and the footage can either be edited in real time using a VJ program such as Resolume Avenue, or sent to one or more beamers in its raw form.“

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