David Matos

“Then, when everything is conservative enough, I start to carefully distort the whole, either by simply moving things out of place or by adding disruptive elements to it — I’ve once defined this as a handmade digital deconstruction process.”

Abu Dhabi Dept. of Culture & Tourism (AE), Ad Bookings (NL), ADFC Berlin (DE), Bagas Bravas (PT), Baltic Studios (UK), Behind This Wall (UK), Berlinda (DE), Buckminster (DE), Cabriolet Music Studio (PT), Cantaloupe Music (US), Caspar Leopard (UK)​​​​​​​, Champions Ohne Grenzen (DE), Connecting Dots (BR), Consciousevent (DE), Editora do Porto (PT), Herzblut (DE), Kinetic Music Group (US), Lindberg & Sousa Vieira (SE), MC.Nixdorf (DE), Mille Plateaux (DE), M-nus (DE), Moss Co. (UK), Node Center for Curatorial Studies (DE), Picap (ES), Quinta das Almoinhas (PT), Sounding D.i.Y. (UK), Steve Rachmad (NL), The Sardinistas (UK), Thunderfitness (UK), Universal Music (PT)

Shutupandance independent design practice

David Matos first graduates in Interior Design and works the following years for the midsize furniture industry in Portugal. He then joins Isao Hosoe Design studio in Milan as an industrial designer, and in 2007 moves to Barcelona to undergo an MA in Interactive Media and fully immerse into Visuals, Graphic Design and Art Direction. Shutupandance starts in 2010 and provides graphic design services to a small list of cultural agents and companies worldwide. David is also Design Director at Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin, where he lives and works.